Let’s Learn!

We are a community of lifelong learners! This year, even with unusual challenges, our community of teachers and artisans have found innovative ways to present classes and workshops for the community to explore. Here, in a new program called Let’s Learn!, the Friends & Foundation is partnering with local entrepreneurs to offer a variety of learning opportunities.

The instructors listed below have donated seats in their virtual workshops or outdoor/distanced classes. By signing up here, you’ll receive a 20% discount for the class, AND 100% of your purchase will go to support the Monterey Public Library.

After purchasing a Let’s Learn experience, we will connect you with the workshop presenter for scheduling and class particulars.

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Let’s Learn!

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Zoom T’ai Chi

T’ai Chi (Supreme Ultimate) is for health, self-defense, and moving meditation.
Classes provide students with fundamental principles for enhancing balance, strength, deep relaxation, flexibility and focus. Through slow, round and flowing movements guided by the breath, one will be able to improve their well-being in a holistic manner. Suggested ages: 18 thru senior adults.
Series of eight one-hour live Zoom classes meeting on Tuesday mornings at 10 am PT (with option to chat before and after class with teacher and other students.
Presenter: Harriet Lynn, B.F.A., M.S. (Certified T’ai Chi Instructor Level III – Teaching T’ai Chi for over 30+ years.
For more information: Monterey Coastal Lifestyles
What you get: 8 class sessions for one buyer.
Value: $60

Let’s Learn Discounted Price: $48

Steinbeck Hooptedoodle: Wine Women & Song

Celebrate Steinbeck’s humor, love of food and wine, and appreciation for the strong women he married.
Presenter: Susan Shillinglaw is a Professor of English at San Jose State University. She has been teaching and writing about Steinbeck for 27 years.
What you get: Seat in a 1½-hour group Steinbeck workshop.
Value: $25
Let’s Learn discounted price: $20

Fitness Confidence Master Class

Are you ready to enjoy the easeful momentum of fitness confidence? This interactive workshop will arm you with actionable strategies to implement healthy behaviors immediately! Be ready to stretch your body, mind, and spirit as we practice movement, challenge our thinking and get real about our priorities.
Presenter: Julie Schnitzer, owner of Atagol, is committed to providing safe and effective fitness programs for women.
For more information: Atagol Fitness
What you get: Personalized interactive fitness workshop.
Value: $147
Let’s Learn discounted price: $115

“Le Cordon” Caro 3-Pack Cooking Class

Caroline’s 3-class pack includes access to three of her cooking classes, which you can select from her website.  A Q&A with Caroline is included at the end of each class! Can’t make class time? The full class recording is sent to all students, so you can take the class on your own time!
Presenter: Caroline Chambers, a recipe developer, food writer, and author of Just Married: A Cookbook for Newlyweds, is also a master at creating beautiful meals in as few steps, and with as few ingredients and dirty dishes as possible!
For more information: Caroline Chambers
What you get: Three live virtual cooking classes for one person.
Value: $65
Let’s Learn discounted price: $52

Dance Class

Virtual lesson in performance in all styles of dance from ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, and spiritual movement.
Presenter: Jahnna Biddle, Educator and Choreographer, is a native of Los Angeles County and can be seen in such shows as HBO’s Shameless, Tracey Takes On, Fame LA, and many more. She is the currently Director of Dance at Stevenson School.
What you get: Virtual dance lesson in a style of your choice.
Value: $100
Let’s Learn discounted price: $80

Ukulele Lessons

This class is for anyone interested in playing the ukulele, whether you’re a complete beginner or an intermediate player. We will learn chords, scales, and strum patterns to put it all together into a popular song of your choice!
Presenter: Daniel deLorimier, deLorimier Music
What you get: Three half-hour ukelele sessions for one person.
Value: $90
Let’s Learn discounted price: $72

The Illustrated Journal of Gratitude

We follow the monthly themes in Angeles Arrien’s book Living Gratitude – A Journey That Will Change Your Life. We will illustrate our journals with drawings, watercolors & collage, along with our writing. Each month has a different theme bringing all the scientific, spiritual and cross cultural traditions and knowledge of how gratitude changes your life. As we work with our own growth and self compassion of our times of darkness and dormancy we offer compassion to ourselves and Compassionate Service to your community. As you develop your own creativity, gratitude and discernment you will find ways to offer compassion and service to others.
Presenter: Elizabeth Murray, Monterey artist
For more information: Elizabeth Murray
What you get: Three “Living Gratitude” workshop sessions for one person.
Value: $190
Let’s Learn discounted price: $150

Tracing your Roots

Interested in tracing your family history? Curious about DNA? Join Kathy for a private consultation.
Presenter: Kathy Nielsen is a genealogist, historian, and librarian (formerly of MPL’s California History Room)
What you get: Private 2-hour genealogy consultation.
Value: $200
Let’s Learn discounted price: $160

Beyond Yoga with Gina & Buddy

This is a friendly and welcoming yoga community. Slow, focused and mindful therapeutic yoga with emphasis on “finding your yoga for your body”. Each class encourages participants to expand their awareness of how Yoga affects their well being both on and off the mat. We mindfully focus to encourage well-being of body, mind, and heart.
Presenter: Gina Puccinelli, Beyond Yoga
For more information: Beyond Yoga
What you get: Five yoga sessions (1 1/4 hours each) via Zoom for one person.
Value: $79
Let’s Learn discounted price: $60

Patch Making Class

Learn to build sturdy and beautiful patches that represent your unique style. Learn to install as well, to make a long lasting repair which adds value to your garment and pedigree to your closet. Kintsukuroi is the Japanese word for adding value through repair.
Presenter: Slow Fiber
For more information: Slow Fiber
What you get: One patching session for two.
Value: $160
Let’s Learn discounted price: $128

Paint Your Art Out!

Take a leap into creativity. Learn to paint with unconventional, but easy methods. Step-by-step instruction in this group workshop will show you how to create your own masterpiece, while you PAINT YOUR ART OUT! Subjects are often landscapes of the beautiful central coast.
Presenter: Sovino Wine Bar & Merchant
For more information: Sovino Wine Bar & Merchant
What you get: One space in group painting workshop (materials included).
Value: $30
Let’s Learn discounted price: $24

When Abalone Ruled the World

Long before Monterey was the “sardine capitol of the world”, abalone was king. This group program will examine the history of the abalone, not just as a food item, but how it helped make Monterey the city it is today. Beginning with the first Abalone divers, the Rumsien/Ohlone to today’s modern abalone farms.
Presenter: Tim Thomas, Monterey Waterfront & Cannery Row Tours, is a fourth-generation native of the Monterey area. For 16 years, he was historian/curator for the Monterey Maritime & History Museum.
What you get: One space in group program on abalone history.
Value: $25
Let’s Learn discounted price: $20
“Flourishing We” Membership
This program is perfect for couples who seek to receive expert help to transform their relationship from mediocre to flourishing! Led by long time relationship expert Kim Von Berg, you will work thru challenges that, until now, seemed impossible to resolve. Discover true intimacy and learn new communication skills crucial for your relationship to thrive. 3 Month membership, for a couple includes monthly group classes, private check-in calls, and a private Facebook group for sharing discoveries with fellow members. Market price: $291
Presenter: Kim Von Berg, Thriving Loving Relationships
For more information: Thriving Loving Relationships
What you get: Three-month membership, for a couple, includes monthly group classes, private check-in calls, and a private Facebook group for sharing discoveries with fellow members.
Value: $291
Let’s Learn discounted price: $235

Finding your Words for Now

A four-session creative writing workshop for those who consider themselves writers and those who don’t. Each session is 3 hours long, during which participants receive inspiration and ideas for writing two pieces of poetry or prose.
Presenter: Patrice Vecchione is an author, poet, artist, and teacher.
For more information: Patrice Vecchione
What you get: Space for one person in the creative writing workshop (four sessions).
Value: $250
Let’s Learn discounted price: $200

eDirection – Online Teaching Mastery

Teacher-training for entrepreneurs; a 5-week home study program on how to design, shoot, operate, market, and FILL your live online group training programs or pre-recorded video eCourses. Looking for a class on every creative step of creating an eLearning Course or live online group training; from curriculum writing to running ads? Five free .pdf downloads and a 1hr introductory training is available as a free preview at the link below.
Presenter: Mike Buffo, The eDirector (Producer of the MPLF&F Chocolate and Wine Virtual Event)
For more information: The eDirectors’ Method
What you get: Space for one person in a five-week home study program.
Value: $497 through May 30th. (Regularly $997.)
Let’s Learn discounted price: $398