Thank You to our Generous Donors!

We are so grateful to the businesses and individuals who have made Chocolate & Wine possible for 18 years!

Special thanks to Chris Shake Enterprises and Old Fisherman’s Grotto Executive Chef Juan Ponce for their delicious food!

See the list!

Dawn Alva
Dany Bryan
Buaya Family
Mary Ann Carbone
City of Monterey Board of Library Trustees
Claudia Coury
Diane de Lorimier
Brian Edwards
Karen Dunn-Haley
Nancy Durein
Jeannette Fowler
Erika Geiser
Jerry Giacoma
Louise Goetzelt
Beth Gokey
Doug Holtzman
Toula Hubbard
Diana Ingersoll
Brandi James
Harish Joshi
Allison Ladio
Belynda Marks
MPL Friends and Foundation Board
Sally Moore
Sue Moore
Marsha Moroh
Martha (Marti) Myszak
Kimberly Nixon
Bob Petty
Ann Prego
Maxine Reneker
Ken and Cindy Ruggerio
Pat Rutowski
Joyce Schmidt
Janie Silveria
Mona Sloan
Ellen Tucker
Bill Wojtkowski